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Columbus Green Initiatives

green initiativesColumbus has many programs in place to encourage and inspire sustainability. With a balance of small and larger projects, the community has worked together to create a greener environment around them. In our most recent blog, Columbus Green Energy Challenge, we talked about the Green Energy Challenge and highlighted the benefits and goals that are available to the city. Below, we will focus in on each of the key initiatives that Columbus is striving for each day.

Greener Buildings

With careful planning, there are several different ways to reduce the impact that buildings have on the environment to create green buildings. The Green Columbus Fund is just one way that encourages sustainable development and redevelopment. The city has taken action to reduce its demand on natural resources by upgrading inefficient lighting, monitoring and adjusting building temperatures, improving HVAC systems, and weatherizing buildings.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycling

By simply changing the way we go about our everyday life we can change the environment in a numerous amount of ways.

Columbus offers many recycling solutions such as:

  • Restaurant and bar recycling
  • Construction recycling
  • Yard waste disposals
  • Office recycling programs

Renewable Energy

Although fossil fuels provide the energy for us to have a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, the costs for these benefits will only continue to go up.

Renewable energy programs were initiated to help reduce the impact on the city’s environment.

  • Biogas
  • Hydroelectrictricity
  • Solar and wind programs

Resource Protection & Conservation

Columbusprotects and conserves natural resources throughout central Ohio by providing open space for wildlife and landscapes, advocating growth and protecting waterways. Science-based studies such as Sustaining Scioto are proactive components in areas of climate adaptation, pollution prevention, and forestry.

green transportationTransportation

The city has set multiple goals to reduce the impacts of vehicles on the environment through various green transportation means. Carpooling, walking, bike sharing and bike paths, and COTA bus services all contribute to cleaner air.

Together Columbus has taken the opportunities given to them to help protect their environment and grow as a community. By recycling and planting trees or by helping the city find a new use for their waste streams, the community is touching the work of every department that’s sustaining their city. Help your city grow by taking the initiative today!

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