Independent Business Partnered With Other Independent Businesses

Frog Hauling is a locally owned dumpster company in Columbus, Ohio.  This means that a family in Columbus, Ohio completely runs all aspects of the business of Frog Hauling and does not have to charge more to pay franchise fees or follow some franchise guidelines.  Some locally owned businesses may struggle on their own while many franchises have the support of other franchises and the central … [Read more...]

SWACO Tips for a Zero Waste Household

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) has created some tips for Columbus households to be "Zero Waste." This will increase the level of sustainability for all. What does it mean to be "Zero Waste?" Zero Waste means obtaining resources, using them, producing waste, and utilizing that waste to obtain more resources. One of the biggest ways to live sustainably is to follow the "urban … [Read more...]

Sustainable Waste Management Google + Community

Frog Hauling is proud to be a green Columbus, OH business. We make every effort to recycle or reuse materials placed into our dumpsters. We also utilize GPS services to determine shortest routes and cleaner, fuel efficient vehicles. Sustainable Waste Management Conservation efforts do not take place in Ohio only. All over the world people are sharing ideas and best practices to promote long … [Read more...]

Ohio State Recycling Plan Reduces Stadium Waste

Every Saturday an average of 45,000 people gather at stadiums across the country to watch their favorite college football team. In some places, like Columbus, OH, the number can be over 100,000. This can generate an extremely large amount of waste and garbage. Ohio State recycling plan Zero Waste is designed to improve sustainability and reduce, if not eliminate, all stadium waste. Recycling … [Read more...]

2012 New Year’s Resolution: Waste Less America!

Waste in America People say that America is the greatest nation in the world and that God blesses America. But do we consider ourselves so blessed that we live lives of excess and waste while the world around us becomes engrossed in garbage and deteriorates?  Visit PBS to take a shocking look at just how much Americans consume and waste. The Truth About Trash With less than five percent of the … [Read more...]

Organic Fall Landscaping Chores

Marvins Organic Gardens is one of the most green integrated businesses in Ohio. Their blog is written by their family and is a trusted resource for organic lawn owners. Check out this blog post, Organic Fall Landscaping Chores, for organic lawn care actions that you can take right now to better your landscape. … [Read more...]

Waste Trash To Energy: Burn Trash, Steam Turbine.

This is one of the most common types of waste trash to energy systems. … [Read more...]

Farming Hydroponically Near Columbus Could Create Good Jobs.

Hydroponic farming scales! This video shows a live working greenhouse hydroponic farming system that produces 500 plants per square yard; nearly 5 time the yield of conventional farming. Could a private investor do this in Columbus, Ohio? You tell me? Do we get enough light in Columbus? Can lettuce grow in the winter in a greenhouse in the winter without heaters? If heaters are needed how … [Read more...]

Recycling 101: SWACO’s Report on Everything You Need To Know About Recycling in Franklin Co.

Recycling 101 contains: Recycling Facts What you can and can not recycle Recycling and Beyond Junk Mail Reduction List, No Spam Mail List Buying Recycled Goods Locations and Businesses Earth Friendly Websites Composting Verma Composting (Worms) Book Suggestions Click the Link Below to get the PDF. Recycling 101: SWACO's Report on Everything You Need To Know About Recycling in Franklin … [Read more...]

Recycle Plastic Into Oil

Japanese inventor Akinori Ito working with the Blest Corporation has invented a portable machine that recycles plastic into its base element, OIL. In this video you will see the machine at work actively recycling plastic into oil (as well as Japan's infamously beautiful Cherry Blossom trees).Before we scream and yell and parade through the streets shouting that technology has saved us and we can … [Read more...]