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Can Columbus's Sustainable Practices Save The Human Race?

Columbus Sustainable PracticesWe have a big challenge in the way of sustainability and human life. Is the negative impact we’ve left on our planet too far gone? How can we as individuals prevent an ecological disaster? Can Columbus’s sustainable practices save the human race?

Global Environmental Concerns

We all know the over-the-top science fiction movie scenarios: battling for fuel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, fleeing home to colonize other planets (terraforming, anyone?), or even life on flooded Earth – when was the last time you watched Waterworld? Believe it or not, there are soon-ish plans for mankind to journey to and colonize Mars (see: the Mars One mission). Even Steven Hawking recently stated that humans could be extinct within the next 1,000 years if we don’t find a new planet to live on. But is ditching our planet entirely necessary? Isn’t there anything we can do to elongate our stay on Earth?

Government Role In Sustainability

The truth is, we can’t fully depend on grandiose plans of fleeing a planet voided of ecology or livability. Big surprise, right? We need to be conscious of our impact on planet Earth and extend our stay as long as possible. Governmental agencies and programs, of course, play a large role in delegating action and legislation for promoting sustainability.

Institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry help in many areas such as reducing of the dangerous air pollutants, sustainable and safe water infrastructures (see Clean Water Act), banning of toxic chemicals, environmental monitoring, and education and encouragement. Of course, these efforts are ultimately dependent on participation at the community and individual level.

Sustainable Practices For Columbus, Ohio

Here at Frog Hauling, we recently touched on the many plans and programs Columbus has in place to incentivise, promote, and aid in a greener Columbus community. Columbus’s Green Initiatives, The Green Columbus Fund, The Columbus Energy Challenge, grant opportunities and green building incentives have made great strides in reducing energy use and waste in buildings, homes and the community.

The answer is to do what we can individually, and engage in our communities on a local level, to promote ecology, sustainability, and a healthy environment. Educating ourselves and implementing available resources for ecology is key. It’s true, we have global environmental concerns worthy of a cinematic saga. As these concerns are confronted through government and followed through by the community, it’s up to us as individuals to use these tools to put the plan into action.

Frog Hauling does its part for sustainability. We take every opportunity to sort and recycling the reusables from the waste. Looking for a dumpster rental and hauling service that cares about the community?

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