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What You Need To Know About Illegal Dumping

Have you seen signs on the side of the road detailing fines for illegal dumping? Ever wonder what exactly is illegal dumping? Let’s take a look into it:

23904542446_5987db84e8_cWhat Is Illegal Dumping?

Simply put, illegal dumping is disposal of waste in an unpermitted area. Materials that are usually illegally dumped are non-hazardous and include construction waste, auto parts and tires, furniture and appliances, yard waste, and even medical waste.

Causes for Large-Scale Litter

There are many reasons people choose to illegally dump. These can range from lack of knowledge about the dangers of illegal dumping to refusal to pay the disposal costs for some items to lack of convenient legal dump sites. Despite the reason, the damage done from this practice is universal.

What Factors Contribute To The Trash Problem?

  • Location: In lower income areas residents often cannot afford trash pickup fees. Also, high crime rates can take up the time of the local law enforcement leaving little time for enforcement of illegal dumping laws. These areas also often have less access to convenient, legal facilities to accept garbage. Furthermore, areas with high populations of renters may see more illegal dumping if there is less of a vested interest in the community when residents are temporary.
  • Logistics: Abandoned, unsecured areas are highly susceptible to illegal dumping. Obviously, if dumpers think there is not a high chance they will be seen in the act, they are more likely to use that area. Also, poorly lit roads offer the same attractiveness to illegal dumpers. Another common location for illegal dumping is a construction site with a waste container present.
  • Lack Of Legal Options: If an area does not have regular or affordable trash pickup service, that tends to contribute to more illegal dumping. Also, trash processing sites that are not conveniently located or that have high fees also increase the practice. Many people are not aware of free or affordable programs to accept landfill-prohibited items like batteries, tires, and some appliances and choose instead to illegally dump these items.

How Does Illegal Dumping Affect Us?2682745838_aafb8c4d44_b

  • Illegal dumps diminish the quality of life and the viability of life around them.
  • Illegal dumping of hazardous materials like pesticides, appliances, and medical waste can threaten the life of humans, wildlife, and the environment.
  • Old tires illegally dumped can hold standing water that can harbor mosquitoes that carry diseases that can threaten entire populations.
  • Dumps become home to rodents. No one wants a field full of rodents for neighbors.
  • The property value of the homes and businesses surrounding illegal dumps is dramatically negatively impacted.

Clearly illegal dumping is a significant problem. Frog Hauling offers a convenient, affordable way for businesses and homeowners to eliminate excess garbage and trash from their property and have it disposed of in a safe and legal manner. While we do not accept hazardous materials in our dumpsters, we can certainly help tremendously to remove clutter, garbage, and debris that may otherwise end up illegally dumped. If the dumpster is easily accessible and in your driveway, you are much less likely to feel the need to dump it where it does not belong!

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