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Top Rooms In Your Home In Need Of A Cleanout


If your entire home has become overrun with junk and clutterthen it’s probably time for a good cleanout. If the idea of a whole house cleanout seems too intimidating, consider picking a few areas that are sure to be loaded with plenty of unused, unwanted junk.

Top 4 Junk-Filled Areas

  1. The Kitchen:

    We spend more time in our kitchens than any other room in the house. Because we spend so much time there, it is also the place where a huge amount of junk and unwanted things can accumulate.

Tackle a few key places in your kitchen:

  • The “junk” drawer. You know you have one. Everyone does. It’s a hodgepodge of dried out pens, empty tape dispensers, keys to doors that don’t even exist anymore, and about a million Post-It Notes that never got posted. This is where most of last year’s school supplies end up too. Chances are you can probably get rid of about 90% of this drawer and never miss a thing.
  • The pantry. Without a doubt, there are a few cans of peaches hanging out in the back of your closet from 1995 that no one is ever going to eat. Go through and pick out all expired food items or things that you know you will never eat and pitch them. Make room for more of your favorites.
  • The refrigerator. Just like the pantry, there is probably food in your fridge that could grow legs and walk out. Look for expired dairy products, old fruit or veggies, and salad dressing that has been in there for four years. It’s time to part.
  1. The Bathroom:

    Because we use so many products in the bathroom, this is also another area that tends to collect clutter. Rather than tossing out the hairspray when it’s gone, we often just leave it under the sink….for years. Take a good inventory of the products in your medicine cabinet and vanity and get rid of expired medications or beauty products that have worn out their uses.

  2. The Garage:

    Of all of the rooms in the home, this is probably where you openly and knowingly toss your junk. It’s not a secret. When your son comes in and asks where to put his old soccer cleats you automatically say “just toss them in the garage.” It becomes a tomb for all things unwanted. Although this room might take a bit more time depending on just how cluttered it is, the results can be a much more functional and usable space. You might even be able to park your car in it again!

  3. The Attic:

    Most people are afraid of their attic. It’s dark, it’s scary, and there are spiders there. For these reasons, most people avoid their attic at all costs. The attic ends up being completely unusable space or a cemetery for old photo albums, yearbooks, and Christmas decorations. Don’t be afraid of your attic. Get in there and get rid of the things you will never need or want again. The mistletoe, box of books from your freshman year of college and stuffed animals from the county fair in 1972 can all probably go. You won’t miss them, we promise.

Frog Hauling Can Help!

A whole house cleanout does seem pretty daunting. That could require a great deal of time and effort. Take it a few rooms at a time, focusing on the most clutter-prone rooms in the home. To make the job even easier, use Frog Hauling to transport your unwanted items to a new home with a roll-off dumpster. It is affordable and handy transportation service and simplifies the job tremendously. We will take care of sorting items for you and transporting them to recycling centers and donation centers. Together we can help you to take back your house!

Call Frog Hauling today for an estimate: (614) 258-3764

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