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Ohio State University's Green Initiatives

Ohio State University's green initiativeThe fight for a healthier, more sustainable environment for all extends far beyond the recycling bin at the curb. Individuals, cities, states, and entire countries are getting on board with the sustainability movement.

Locally, The Ohio State University is serving as a shining example for our Columbus community and the state of Ohio by embracing green initiatives to not only make the campus a better place but Columbus, Ohio, and the world a better place.

The Green Initiative

The Ohio State University made bleed red and gray, but there are hints of Michigan State green all over the campus. No matter where you go, there are sustainable actions taking place. Here are a few of the innovative ways OSU is making a difference in our environment:

  • Rec Center Solar Panels:

    Resting above the very popular Recreation and Physical Activity Center is a collection of solar panels in the shape of a block “O.” Not only is this display a proud representation of the OSU spirit seen from the air, it produces over 115,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which helps to power the physical activity center below.

  • EnCORE House:

    Nestled next to Chadwick Lake, this 2-bedroom home designed by students is fully powered by….itself! With the help of solar panels, ingenious insulation, and other techniques this home is able to completely support itself. It is used for research and can also be reserved as a unique meeting space. What an excellent example of sustainability in action!

  • Center for Automotive Research:

    This program engages students and faculty to work together to come up with alternative fuel sources and develop methods to increase the fuel efficiency of automobiles. This education and research can then be applied to the general public to help produce cars that will be safer for the environment. Way to go Bucks!

  • Zero Waste At Ohio Stadium:

    While a great deal of food and drinks are consumed during Buckeye football games, most of the waste does not go to a landfill. Thanks to a Zero Waste program, over 95% of waste was diverted from landfills during the 2014 season. Compost bins scattered throughout the stadium provide a dumping spot for fans, which helps to save a substantial amount of food waste from landfills and instead is used as organic compost. Genius!

  • Wind Power:

    The Ohio State University is committed to sustainable energy, which led to the purchase of 50 megawatts of wind energy capacity from Blue Creek Wind Farm. This purchase represented one of the largest purchases of renewable energy anywhere in the country by any university. In fact, over 20% of the electricity needed by OSU is garnered through this wind energy!

We applaud The Ohio State University for their tremendous efforts to improve our community and our planet. At Frog Hauling, we do our best to make Columbus a better place by providing affordable, convenient dumpster container service to help Columbus residents make their homes cleaner and less cluttered.

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