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Moving to College Just Got Easier

moving to collegeWhether you have a Freshman moving off to the dorm for the first time or a senior moving into his/her apartment or house, trash will accumulate. Boxes and plastic wrapping will be in enormous piles by the time you’re done unloading furniture and house goods you’ll just want to sit down for an hour and not think about all the trips to the dumpster you’ll have to make. Fortunately for you, we have all thetips and ideas you’ll need to survive move-in day.

Manage the Mess: Categorize and Organize

All kinds of junk will accumulate when you move in. From cardboard and paper to plastics, it helps to sort garbage and recycling into designated piles to save time later, when it comes to taking things to the trash. For plastic wrapping, bags and other non-recyclable material, make sure to bring large black trash bags to save a little space and make hauling it all a little bit easier.

Knowing what kind of trash is recyclable is important and odds are, a lot of it will be.

Recyclable Moving Materials

Cardboard boxes are the obvious recyclable junk. Break the boxes down to make them easier to carry and to fit within the city’s recycling department guidelines. Keeping the largest box set up will help to store all the other recyclable products inside of it.

Separate reusable household goods like coat hangers, old cleaning utensils, and house goods are kept away from the trash pile because often times they can be recycled or even donated. Check with local donation centers such as Goodwill or Salvation Army as well as local recycling programs to learn more.

What to Do With it All The Junk

Now that it’s all packed and ready to move, what are you going to do with it?

Dorm Recycling

Most colleges will have recycling bins (most of the time they are mixed recycling) with which you can toss all those cardboard boxes into. Many colleges will also have move in crews to help you with your stuff and will be able to help direct and move trash.

Recycling Away From Campus

If a dumpster isn’t nearby, you don’t want piles of trash sitting out and accumulating until trash day. This is when you’re going to need some extra help. Most cities will have junk hauling services or companies that can help you remove junk and recycling from your apartment or house. Most of all, it’s important to plan and know that more trash can accumulate than you think on the move in day.

Having a Centralized Dumpster Can Be a _H_uge Help

Having a huge group move? Need to get rid of your junk quickly and efficiently?

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