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The Green Residential and Commerical Mini Dumpster Service

Serving Homeowners, Remodelers, Builders, and Roofers

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Getting Rid Of Summer Clutter

old clutterAs summer break is coming to an end, the clutter has reached all limits of your home and it’s time to say goodbye. Moving all this clutter off-site is easy with Frog Hauling! We’ll help you transport everything off your property and out of your way to your designated location in no time so you’re ready for the new year!

Make Room For New School Supplies

Although summer is ending, for those of you with kids, school is just beginning again. The kids are excited (…or not) about getting new school supplies, but what happens to all of the worn out crayons and folders they no longer need? Instead of cluttering up the “junk drawers,” we’ll help rid you move all of those unwanted supplies from your home, leaving you organized and ready for school to start!

Clean Out Those Junk Drawers!

With small kids and a busy lifestyle, it’s not so easy sitting down and organizing what you need and don’t need. In everyone’s house there always seems to be that one drawer that’s designated to be the “junk drawer” or the “clutter closet” where things are thrown into and never to be seen again. This gets to be a problem when the drawers and doors are overflowing with unwanted items. Taking an hour out of your busy day to get yourself organized is not only a stress relief, it’ll begin to make things simple in your day to day life giving everything a place of its own.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get rid of summer clutter and lean you in the right direction:

  1. Sort everything into what you need and what you don’t need.
  3. THAT’S IT!!

Our services are easy and efficient, often providing same day service. With no hidden transportation charges! Give Frog Hauling a call today if you want a professional dumpster container transportation service that you can count on. (614) 258-3764

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