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How To Clean Up After A Large Summer Project

If you’ve been making an addition to your house or conducting a large renovation over the summer, odds are you’re going to have a lot of trash and clean-up to do. This can feel incredibly daunting, especially after you’ve put in so much work already or have had a construction crew in your house for the past couple weeks. Here are some tips for after-project clean up.

Goodbye Dust, Hello Clean

One of the most abundant products created from a home remodeling project is dust and it gets everywhere. You’ll find it on windows, shelves and clinging to any surface it can, so how do you even go about cleaning it up?

Dust Removal Method 1:

Using a shop vac with HEPA or Drywall specific bags. This method is most commonly used in the industry but can be an issue if you don’t have a shop vac and don’t want to spend the money to buy one.

Dust Removal Method 2:

Damp towel sweeping. A cost effective method, yet not as efficient, you can dampen a towel and wrap it around the end of a broom or something that you could use to sweep with. The damp towel will trap a lot of dust and you only have to rinse off the towel when it has too much on it.

8SC8KCA0GNRemoving Paint and Glue

This shouldn’t be too big of a problem if you had a good construction or remodeling crew, but sometimes paint or glue will splatter or not be cleaned up. The first step if you notice any fresh, leftover residue or splatter is to scrub it with a rag that was soaked in hot water. This is often all you need to unbind the paint/glue from the surface, especially if it is still fresh.

If this doesn’t work there are several types of solvent that can be used, from paint thinner on solid surfaces to putty knives on windows and glass. Be sure to check the label on solvents to see if you can use it on the intended surface and for safety guidelines and proper ventilation.

The Big Stuff

Here’s the real issue, you’ve got a pile of large material such as drywall and old lumber outside that you’re pretty sure won’t fit in the old trashcan. Depending on the material, you might have to dispose of it in a special way. The best thing to do in this scenario is to call dumpster container transportation service such as Frog Hauling. You can Load one of our dumpsters that will fit in your driveway and won’t break the bank when we transport your materials to your designated location.

If you have a pile of waste after a remodel or construction project, give Frog Hauling a call and we can get you a dumpster container for you to fill the next day that will fit your needs. (614) 258-3764

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