Columbus Green Energy Challenge

The Columbus Green Energy Challenge Participants have reduced energy usage by over 20% in the past year. The Challenge is a free, voluntary program that helps make achieving energy efficiency as easy as possible, from start to finish.     Incentives and Benefits The Columbus Green Energy Challenge benefits the participants and the community as a whole. Below are a few of these … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Streetcar Launch This Friday

Officially known as the "Cincinnati Bell Connector", the 18 stop streetcar line will transport individuals in the downtown core of the city. The transportation service will launch its first streetcar line this Friday, September 9th, 2016! Where is the Cincinnati Streetcar's Route? The Cincinnati Bell Connector will connect The Banks on the Riverfront with Over-the-Rhine and all points in … [Read more...]

Storm Debris Removal

Sometimes things happen that we can't control. Unfortunately, inclement weather happens all too frequently and the mess afterward only compounds the impact on one's mind and surrounding environment. Some things that can soften the blow is a good game plan and the right tools for some added ease. The Right Dumpster for Efficient Rubbish Clean Up Fortunately, Frog Hauling is there to help you get … [Read more...]

Moving to College Just Got Easier

Whether you have a Freshman moving off to the dorm for the first time or a senior moving into his/her apartment or house, trash will accumulate. Boxes and plastic wrapping will be in enormous piles by the time you're done unloading furniture and house goods you'll just want to sit down for an hour and not think about all the trips to the dumpster you'll have to make. Fortunately for you, we have … [Read more...]

Latex Paint Disposal Vs. Oil Paint Disposal

Have a bunch of old paint cans taking up space in the garage and need to get rid of them? Most garbage companies won't pick up your old paint cans while they are still in liquid form. Also, paint can be toxic and dangerous to the environment if not disposed of properly. Follow these steps for safely getting rid of that extra paint that you no longer need: Getting Rid of Latex Paint: … [Read more...]

Small Kitchen Demolition

Time to bring out the hammers and say goodbye to your small kitchen! A small kitchen demolition is one of the toughest jobs for homeowners but not with Frog Hauling. Using a convenient, space-saving dumpster  to transport your trash helps you continue your new renovation FAST!     Get Rid Of Demolition Junk Don't waste the time lugging wall boards out to the curbjust for them to … [Read more...]

How To Clean Up After A Large Summer Project

If you've been making an addition to your house or conducting a large renovation over the summer, odds are you're going to have a lot of trash and clean-up to do. This can feel incredibly daunting, especially after you've put in so much work already or have had a construction crew in your house for the past couple weeks. Here are some tips for after-project clean up. Goodbye Dust, Hello … [Read more...]

Getting Rid Of Summer Clutter

As summer break is coming to an end, the clutter has reached all limits of your home and it's time to say goodbye. Moving all this clutter off-site is easy with Frog Hauling! We'll help you transport everything off your property and out of your way to your designated location in no time so you're ready for the new year!   Make Room For New School Supplies Although summer is ending, for … [Read more...]

Ohio State University’s Green Initiatives

The fight for a healthier, more sustainable environment for all extends far beyond the recycling bin at the curb.  Individuals, cities, states, and entire countries are getting on board with the sustainability movement. Locally, The Ohio State University is serving as a shining example for our Columbus community and the state of Ohio by embracing green initiatives to not only make the campus a … [Read more...]

Dispose Biohazardous Wastes the Right Way

When you see a biohazard sign, it immediately signals that something bad is inside and lets you know to keep a safe distance.  In fact, when most people see a biohazard sign they are instantly alerted to the danger that lies inside.  What exactly is inside: potentially life-threatening and dangerous materials!   What Is Biohazardous Waste? Any waste material that contains either … [Read more...]