Spring Cleaning Your Columbus Home Or Business

Winter just isn't easy. The weather restricts what we can do outdoors, so not only do our activities turn indoors but all the cleanup associated with it just isn't as simply removed. As warmth and light begin to creep back into Ohio,┬áthe untidy remnants of the prior season are illuminated and we become more naturally inclined to tackle some good ole Columbus Spring cleaning! Ecological … [Read more...]

Can Columbus’s Sustainable Practices Save The Human Race?

We have a big challenge in the way of sustainability and human life. Is the negative impact we've left on our planet too far gone? How can we as individuals prevent an ecological disaster?┬áCan Columbus's sustainable practices save the human race? Global Environmental Concerns We all know the over-the-top science fiction movie scenarios: battling for fuel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, fleeing … [Read more...]