Spring Cleaning Your Columbus Home Or Business

Winter just isn't easy. The weather restricts what we can do outdoors, so not only do our activities turn indoors but all the cleanup associated with it just isn't as simply removed. As warmth and light begin to creep back into Ohio, the untidy remnants of the prior season are illuminated and we become more naturally inclined to tackle some good ole Columbus Spring cleaning! Ecological … [Read more...]

Resources For Planning Green Events In Columbus

The warmer months are just on the horizon. As folks begin to emerge once again from the indoors, so too, will events and celebrations become more common, outdoors and in. Whether you're planning a small family gathering, a company outing, or a large community festival, now is a great time to consider some of your event's logistics, such as sustainability. This could easily be a daunting task, but … [Read more...]

Can Columbus’s Sustainable Practices Save The Human Race?

We have a big challenge in the way of sustainability and human life. Is the negative impact we've left on our planet too far gone? How can we as individuals prevent an ecological disaster? Can Columbus's sustainable practices save the human race? Global Environmental Concerns We all know the over-the-top science fiction movie scenarios: battling for fuel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, fleeing … [Read more...]

Recycling Brings Positive Change to Columbus, OH

Residential Recycling in Columbus Residents of Columbus have probably noticed big, blue carts being delivered to their homes. Mayor Coleman is asking residents to use these carts to help Columbus recycle! Residential recycling is free and is expected to save the city millions of dollars a year. The first phase began April 16 with delivery of the blue carts to west Columbus residents. Delivery to … [Read more...]

Green Columbus Promotes A Healthier Planet

How does Green Columbus help Ohio? Green Columbus is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a cleaner and healthier environment in Central Ohio and the rest of the globe. They raise awareness about problems facing our planet and promote strategies to overcome these challenges, utilizing the power of the people through social media outlets Facebook and Twitter and word of mouth. They … [Read more...]

Join GreenSpot Columbus Today!

Want to help make Columbus, OH, a healthier environment? Join GreenSpot today! Register your home, business or community organization and get started. By joining GreenSpot you are making a commitment toward improving Columbus. When you register your home, business or group you choose which green initiatives you would like to fulfill. Residents are to take several steps to conserve energy, … [Read more...]

Columbus Green Current Events

Columbus, OH has added hydraulic launch assist to four of its refuse trucks. These new hybrid trucks will help slow the vehicles and reduce brake use. The city will save on both fuel and maintenance costs. City leaders will evaluate the effectiveness of the new trucks and decide whether or not to purchase more. Columbus residents can help their homes become "green" by purchasing a rain barrel. … [Read more...]