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Single-Stream Junk Collection, A 2016 Success

Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclables are all mixed together – metals, papers, plastics, etc. all in one container – for collection, rather than being sorted into separate categories. Through an eye-opening report that was just released in December, Frog Hauling is proud to see just how this particular method is a hallmark of success in country-wide sustainability! See how single-stream junk collection is a tell-tale sign of successful waste management!

Single Stream Junk Collection

2016 Success For Recycling and Sustainability

The EPA and The Recycling Partnership released their 2016 State of Curbside Report that analyzed data from the 465 curbside recycling programs. The key performance indicator was annual pounds of recyclables collected per household. Areas of the country that had higher performing programs showed the following attributes:

  • 100% of these programs had some type of public action that influenced curbside recycling
  • 96% were single-stream, where all recycling materials are collected together, for later sorting
  • 93% collected automatically
  • 83% of those high-performing communities were using carts

A Sustainable Columbus Dumpster Rental and Hauling Service

Single-stream recycling is clearly a success for sustainability! Here at Frog Hauling, we are honored to not only play a part in offering single-stream collection but also take it a step further by accepting junk along with your recyclables and reusables in one convenient receptacle. All efforts are made to sort the recyclables from the junk to be processed or donated sustainably.

All you do is schedule a time and we’ll deliver your dumpster. When you’re finished filling it up, simply call and we’ll promptly pick it up and sort it all out later for you, at no extra cost.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly dumpster rental and hauling service is Columbus?

Give Frog Hauling a call! 614-258-FROG (3764)

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