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Save Energy by Weatherizing

We’ve recently been writing about Columbus’s awesome incentives for greener living through initiatives, funding and the Green Energy Challenge. In continuing to declutter and beautify your fine Columbus abode, let’s talk about a way to keep it cozy while keeping it sustainable in the process!

Winterizing For A Cozier, Greener Home

Weatherizing is the act of making a home or any other building resistant to cold weather by adding insulation, storm windows, etc. Because you are using fewer energy sources throughout your home, weatherizing will further help you save more money when it comes to paying the bills and it might also even improve the comfort of your home.

Home Energy Audits

Conduct a home energy audit to help you get started building your strategy for weatherizing your home, then learn about air sealing, insulation, moisture control, and ventilation.

  1. Air sealing– preventing any passage of air or vapor from leaving or entering a home. Learn More.
  2. Insulation– materials or substances that used to stop heat, electricity, or sound from going into or out of something. Learn More.
  3. Moisture control– chemical barriers that are used to prevent moisture damage to flooring, walls, and ceilings. Learn More.
  4. Ventilation– the provision of fresh air to a room, building, etc. Learn More.


There are specialists out there, certified to help you understand the high-performance remodeling techniques, that use the whole-house approach to help you reduce energy. James Lebair, president, and owner of JRL Design Inc. and Bucks-Mont NARI chapter education chair, talks about how most of his projects often start with an energy audit.

Energy audits help reveal many numerous issues that homeowners often don’t consider and the effects that these issues are having on their home. Winter is just around the corner, get started on a home energy audit today and maybe save a little money!

Looking for other ways to spruce up your home before the winter hits?Declutter your home with Frog Hauling! (614) 258-3764!

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