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Fun Apps To Teach Kids Sustainability

Apps Teaching Children SustainabilityHow do you teach your children about trash, recycling, and sustainability? Whether you'd like to expound some profound knowledge on the subject or simply get them to throw their juice box into the right bin, it's not always the most captivating of subjects for kids. One possible way to engage your ecological initiate is with some fun apps for teaching children about sustainability! Maybe an informative game can be the first step to getting your little one to help clean the house and cut the clutter! Either way, here are a few to get you started.

Mobile Recycling Games for Apple iOS

Trash ChaosMobile Games Teaching Children recycling

A fun way to start talking to kids about recycling and the environment.

  • Take on Queen Ignorantia's trash-making minions
  • Sort trash and recycling as the Ignarus
  • Learn about recycling and the environment in between levels
  • Advance to higher, faster levels

Race To Recycle

Race against the clock while sorting recyclables from trash and green waste as they come down the conveyor belt.

  • Swipe the items into the correct bins
  • Unlock higher, faster levels
  • Upgrades such as Slow Down, Extra Time and Magnet for answering Eco Challenge factoids
  • Learn to sort recycling, trash, and compost


Mobile Recycling Games for Android

Recycle TimeTeaching Children About Sustainability mobile applications

Geared more toward younger children, Recycle Time is easy to learn, educational and fun to play, and easy to apply to real life.

  • Easy to learn
  • Sort recyclables from the trash as they fall from above
  • Flick left or right on the screen to determine the appropriate bin as the speed increases
  • Don't forget to throw bones to the dog!

Recycle Rangers

Help the hero save the world and recycle all the items in time. Match 3 alike items to eliminate the recycling. Sorting alike items gets you points as you race against the timer.

  • 60 seconds on the clock
  • Match 3 items to clear out space
  • Hyper mode for faster challenge
  • Earn coins by scoring
  • Earn special powers with the energy bar

 Mobile Applications Teaching Children Sustainability

Couldn't hurt to try them out, right? Who knows, you might even find yourself playing them! The screenshots and reviews from the games above look the most promising out of the fun apps for teaching children about sustainability spectrum. While we looked through each of these we didn't get to try all of them out for ourselves, so please be sure to look at the information on each to find the best fit for your kiddo.


Do you know of other good apps for teaching children about sustainability? Post them in the comments and we'll share them on Facebook!