Electronic Waste Management In Columbus, OH

Drop Off in Olentangy, OH

Electronics Recycling in Columbus, OH

Accurate IT is the leading e-waste recycling company in Columbus, OH. Accurate IT ensures that Columbus and cities across the nation are fully protected from the dangers of electronic waste. In addition to their everyday services, Accurate also organizes local events to encourage residents to recycle. The next recycling event will be September 8th from 9am-2pm at Olentangy High School

London, OH Recycling

There are two events at the end of September for Columbus residents to recycle their old electronic devices. Both events are from 9am-2pm. One will be in Powell, OH. The other will be at the Madison County Fairgrounds in London, OH.

Check out the complete schedule of events to see when Accurate will visit your area. If you would like to schedule an event call (614) 453-0709 or contact Jeremy at [email protected]

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