Independent Business Partnered With Other Independent Businesses

Frog Hauling is a locally owned dumpster company in Columbus, Ohio. ┬áThis means that a family in Columbus, Ohio completely runs all aspects of the business of Frog Hauling and does not have to charge more to pay franchise fees or follow some franchise guidelines. ┬áSome locally owned businesses may struggle on their own while many franchises have the support of other franchises and the central … [Read more...]

Carpenter Fail #2

Do Not Paint Light Switch Covers, Ethernet or Phone Jack covers, Rookie. Hey Rookie. There is nothing more amateur than painting a light switch cover. Light switch covers, ethernet or phone jack covers are designed to be added after you paint. Once added after the paint outlet covers cover the entire whole needed for the electric outlet installation. The cover will sit nicely on top of … [Read more...]

Sustainable Waste Management Google + Community

Frog Hauling is proud to be a green Columbus, OH business. We make every effort to recycle or reuse materials placed into our dumpsters. We also utilize GPS services to determine shortest routes and cleaner, fuel efficient vehicles. Sustainable Waste Management Conservation efforts do not take place in Ohio only. All over the world people are sharing ideas and best practices to promote long … [Read more...]

Columbus Blue Jackets Look to Conquer NHL East

Hockey: the other November sport in Columbus, OH While most of Columbus is busy counting on their hands and toes the number of consecutive wins amassed by the Buckeyes, the rest of the city is anticipating another shot at the NHL playoffs. That's right folks, Blue Jackets hockey is back! In his first full season as Head Coach, Todd Richards looks to get his team to the playoffs for just the … [Read more...]

Buckeyes Remain Undefeated in Columbus, OH

Ok, the fluff games are over, and the first tests of the 2013 season are behind them. This much we know: the Buckeyes remain undefeated! Starting 5-0 is an achievement that many in Columbus, OH thought possible and were even expecting, but everyone knows that there are no guaranteed victories. The 2013 Buckeyes are surprising fans in Ohio and across the country. This team, the second under … [Read more...]

Competitive Dumpster Rental Prices in Groveport, OH

Residential Dumpster Cost Frog Hauling dumpster rental prices are set with the customer in mind. We offer a variety of residential dumpsters to keep the cost down. Not every cleanup project is the same. So not every dumpster should be the same either. Sizes vary from 6 to 20 cubic yards. This allows our Groveport, OH customers to choose the size they need and not overpay for space they do not … [Read more...]

Blue Jackets Are Back in Columbus, OH!

NHL Hockey Returns to Columbus, OH There is a bittersweet feeling in Columbus, OH as fans welcome back their Blue Jackets and NHL hockey. It appears an agreement has been met, and hockey could begin as early as January 15. While this is exciting news for many Columbus residents and hockey fans, it does not come without a sour taint. This late start is the result of the owners and players not being … [Read more...]

Ohio State Set to Renew Football Season in Columbus, OH

Ohio Stadium Will Recycle over 100,00 Fans That's right Buckeyes fans, it's that time of year again! When Saturday becomes a holier day than Sunday and people pray to the almighty football gods to bring Ohio State another championship season! The Buckeyes and Columbus, OH have a lot to be excited about as the season opener approaches on September 1 against in-state rival Miami. There are 15 … [Read more...]

Local Columbus, OH Businesses Get Environmental

Columbus, OH Businesses Use Natural Resources What makes America great is that we have such a wide range of choices when it comes to purchasing products. Columbus, OH residents can conveniently get everyday items that are made from all natural sources. Natural products are often safer to use and cause less harm to the environment. North Market Provides Local, Natural Options Next time you're in … [Read more...]

Columbus, OH State Fair

OH State Fair Information Join thousands of your fellow Ohioans at the 159th State Fair in Columbus, OH! For 12 days, July 25-August 5, central Ohio will be rocking with the best music, competitions, food, and learning programs in the state. The Ohio Expo Center & State Fair is located at 717 East 17th Avenue. The fair is open every day from 9am-10pm, and admission is only $10 for adults and … [Read more...]