Where to Dispose and Recycle Christmas Trees in Columbus

The holidays are in full swing in Columbus. Do you have all your decorations up? While opting for a reusable Christmas tree is a sure-fire way to keep it green during the holidays, for many there's something about having that live tree adorning your abode. The aesthetic, the scent... Smell those Douglas firs! It's said that live Christmas trees can be sustainable too, when properly … [Read more...]

Independent Business Partnered With Other Independent Businesses

Frog Hauling is a locally owned dumpster company in Columbus, Ohio.  This means that a family in Columbus, Ohio completely runs all aspects of the business of Frog Hauling and does not have to charge more to pay franchise fees or follow some franchise guidelines.  Some locally owned businesses may struggle on their own while many franchises have the support of other franchises and the central … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Your Columbus Home Or Business

Winter just isn't easy. The weather restricts what we can do outdoors, so not only do our activities turn indoors but all the cleanup associated with it just isn't as simply removed. As warmth and light begin to creep back into Ohio, the untidy remnants of the prior season are illuminated and we become more naturally inclined to tackle some good ole Columbus Spring cleaning! Ecological … [Read more...]

Resources For Planning Green Events In Columbus

The warmer months are just on the horizon. As folks begin to emerge once again from the indoors, so too, will events and celebrations become more common, outdoors and in. Whether you're planning a small family gathering, a company outing, or a large community festival, now is a great time to consider some of your event's logistics, such as sustainability. This could easily be a daunting task, but … [Read more...]

Single-Stream Junk Collection, A 2016 Success

Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclables are all mixed together - metals, papers, plastics, etc. all in one container - for collection, rather than being sorted into separate categories. Through an eye-opening report that was just released in December, Frog Hauling is proud to see just how this particular method is a hallmark of success in country-wide sustainability! See how … [Read more...]

Can Columbus’s Sustainable Practices Save The Human Race?

We have a big challenge in the way of sustainability and human life. Is the negative impact we've left on our planet too far gone? How can we as individuals prevent an ecological disaster? Can Columbus's sustainable practices save the human race? Global Environmental Concerns We all know the over-the-top science fiction movie scenarios: battling for fuel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, fleeing … [Read more...]

Have A Merry “Sustainable” Christmas, Columbus!

The holidays have arrived! For those of us in the waste management industry, we know this comes along with an increase in waste and recycling.   Waste And Recycling During The Holidays The EPA reports a 25% increase in waste and recycling volume during the holidays. That's about 1 million extra tons from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day! From start to finish, the full timeline of the … [Read more...]

Central Ohio To Benefit From Recycling Plan

A plan is under way for Franklin County that can generate revenue while promoting sustainability. Preventing a good deal of trash through sorting, composting and recycling, this would prevent the need for another landfill.     Franklin County Waste Stream Plan The plan promises to lower garbage fees, generate 40 million dollars and extend the life of Jackson Township's 32 … [Read more...]

Save Energy by Weatherizing

We've recently been writing about Columbus's awesome incentives for greener living through initiatives, funding and the Green Energy Challenge. In continuing to declutter and beautify your fine Columbus abode, let's talk about a way to keep it cozy while keeping it sustainable in the process! Winterizing For A Cozier, Greener Home Weatherizing is the act of making a home or any other building … [Read more...]

Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds

The Columbus Foundation is working to enhance the quality of life in central Ohio. Through the Foundation's Green Funds, they support responsible use of natural resources while ensuring their availability for future generations. The Columbus Foundation's Advisory Committee selects each program and initiative, each designed to meet the conservation and environmental needs of individuals, businesses … [Read more...]