Does Your downtown Columbus, OH Business Recycle?

recycle downtown columbus oh

Columbus, OH Businesses Recycle

As an environmentally friendly company, Frog Hauling is proud of its commitment to recycling. We make every effort to recycle, reuse or donate the trash or waste placed in our dumpsters. Columbus is our home, and we want to keep it clean and healthy. We know there are plenty of other businesses dedicated to being "green." So we ask, does your downtown Columbus, OH business recycle?

Recycle Downtown

Downtown Columbus is an organization that can help your office begin an efficient and effective recycling program. Through awareness and incentives they initiate a recycling mindset in downtown businesses. Another option is to throw out recyclable materials. Frog Hauling can promptly deliver and remove an aesthetically pleasing dumpster at your location. Simply throw all of the materials into the dumpster, and we will do the rest. Call (614) 258-FROG (3764) today for prices!

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