Columbus, OH Trash Removal Costs On the Rise

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Columbus, OH Trash Removal

Accoring to the Columbus Dispatch, it will cost about $1 million more this year for Columbus, OH trash removal. The city will be paying the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio $28.1 million for garbage collection and dumping in the landfills. Increase in costs are due to previous SWACO credits being eliminated and the choice in location made by the city. The Morse Road landfill has a higher cost per ton of dumping than other locations.

Recycling Reduces Costs

The Columbus recycling program has thus far been effective in reducing trash removal costs to the city. In its first year, Columbus has seen a reduction of 10,000 tons of trash being added to the landfill. That number is expected to increase now that the recycling program is initiated throughout the city.

Frog Hauling dumpster rental also promotes recycling and reducing costs in Columbus, OH. Our garbage removal and trash hauling services do not involve us simply adding to the landfills. We sort the dumpsters and recycle or reuse as much of the materials as possible. This reduces the amount of garbage added to Columbus landfills. Call us today at (614) 258-FROG (3764) and together we’ll keep Columbus beautiful!

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