Columbus, OH Dumpster Rental Company Promotes Recycling

Columbus OH recycling

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over half of the garbage we throw away gets placed into landfills. This is a staggering number when we think of all the space this requires. In addition, current and former landfills can pose serious health threats to people and the environment.

Columbus, OH Dumpster Rental Company Recycling

This is why Frog Hauling, a local Columbus, OH dumpster rental company, promotes and practices recycling in its daily operation. When we pickup one of our dumpsters outside of a residence, business or construction site, our job is not finished. We literally sort through the waste container to separate recyclable items from trash. In addition, we remove items that can be salvaged and donate them to local charities and organizations. Our goal is to limit the amount of trash that gets placed into landfills.

Frog Hauling is proud to be a green dumpster rental service. Call us today at (614) 286-FROG (3764)!

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  1. Great article Frog Hauling! Other ways you can help is by supporting companies that work very efficiently in order to help reduce unnecessary use of gas, electricity, ect. One in particular in the Columbus area (besides you guys) is Campus Handyman. Check them out.

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