Blue Jackets Are Back in Columbus, OH!

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NHL Hockey Returns to Columbus, OH

There is a bittersweet feeling in Columbus, OH as fans welcome back their Blue Jackets and NHL hockey. It appears an agreement has been met, and hockey could begin as early as January 15. While this is exciting news for many Columbus residents and hockey fans, it does not come without a sour taint. This late start is the result of the owners and players not being able to reach terms satisfactory to both sides. A predicament with only one utlimate loser: the fans.

Columbus Opportunity Goes to Waste

The city of Columbus was scheduled to host the 2013 NHL All Star Game. This would have been a big step up for the Jackets and Columbus in the national scene. Potential revenue from the weekend of events has gone to waste. Also, this was an amazing opportunity for fans across the country and even Canada to experience the NHL in Columbus. Nationwide Arena is an awesome venue for watching hockey, and the Arena District has enough entertainment to satisfy fans from all over. Hopefully, this atrocity will be rectified and Columbus will soon be able to welcome NHL fans to Ohio!

Frog Hauling is a proud supporter of Blue Jackets Hockey. Good luck this year Coach Richards!

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